Real Estate in a Changing Society

The convergence of different forces of change has transformed the rules of the game in the real estate sector in a whole range of ways. The social environment in which companies operate is unrecognizable from that of a few years ago. How will the demographic changes in Europe and new lifestyle habits, especially among the younger generations, affect the demand for housing and, as a result, purchase and rental prices? The fields of politics and economics are also presenting enormous challenges and the sector cannot simply sit back and watch. Are issues such as globalization, the concentration of power in large companies, rapid technological developments and increasing environmental awareness changing the way commercial spaces, offices and logistics networks are used and configured?

In recent years, Spanish real estate has been driven by a large influx of foreign capital. What kind of strategy is required for the investment of international funds distributed in Spain amid the threat of a global economic slowdown and a domestic political environment characterized by uncertainty?

The way in which the different stakeholders of the real estate sector are responding and adapting their strategies to these issues will be the central focus of the 6th IESE Real Estate Industry Meeting, which will be held on January 30, 2020, on the IESE Campus in Madrid.

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January 30, 2020

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