Our next Food and Beverage Industry Meeting aims to tackle industry challenges and trends in terms of their implications and the changes they generate. The food transition involves adapting not only to a new context, but also to a process that puts more pressure on decision-making in companies by challenging them to change and come up with original and imaginative strategic responses.

The agenda of the 23rd annual Industry Meeting contains several different topics for discussion. They include the transition of the global food system in the current economic and geopolitical context and in the next ten years.

We’ll also discuss food and health, the importance of nutrition and how the concept of nutrition has become inseparable from food. The interdependence of these two disciplines calls for new frameworks for collaboration, research and knowledge.

Another point for discussion will be the future of international trade and how the new reality in terms of trade agreements and tariffs presents enormous challenges for companies involved in internationalization processes. One session will therefore be set aside to focus on strategy, alliances and collaboration. We’ll speak with leading CEOs to understand their current agendas and especially what they expect their agendas to look like in the immediate future and in five years and ten years. We’ll explore how they expect the industry to evolve and progress, and how they lead their companies through this transition in terms of corporate responsibility. This is where the concept of sustainability becomes more relevant.

Finally, the annual Industry Meeting could not be held without understanding that consumers are immersed in a global process of urbanization and digitalization. Lifestyles and trends in consumption indicate that consumers are more informed, more digitized and pay greater attention to what they buy in terms of the product (natural, healthy ingredients) and the values they expect from distribution and the industry (ethical business models, environmentally friendly practices and animal welfare). Another clear trend highlights the importance of the shopping experience with the actual product in the store (concepts relating to convenience, little time, enjoying the shopping experience and the synergies created in physical spaces that combine personal leisure and local shopping opportunities, and where people work, have lunch and hold informal meetings). These experiences are often related to or identified with brands and the values they represent.

The 23rd Food and Beverage Industry Meeting, organized by IESE Business School and Deloitte, will take place on June 6, 2019 on IESE Business School’s Barcelona campus. Relevant figures from the business world, experts, academics, policy makers and regulators from Spain and the international community will provide a coherent analysis of the topics shaping the agenda in the food and beverage industry.

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