There are two ways of reflecting on and understanding the major trends that are shaping the evolution of society and the economy. One is by focusing on general issues such as globalization, digitalization, innovation, demographic changes, middle classes, urbanization, new consumers and collaborative models. The other is by addressing some of these trends from the perspective of the implications and opportunities they generate for different sectors and industries.

Our next Food and Beverage Industry Meeting aims to tackle some of the main issues relating to the changes and trends expected in coming decades and how they are driving a food system transition. The agenda of topics to be discussed at the 23rd Industry Meeting will therefore focus on the implications of these questions.

One session will be set aside to discuss the future of international trade and the challenges posed to global food trade by new trade agreements and customs duties. We also want to reflect on the importance of nutrition and health in a contradictory world where hunger and malnutrition are major concerns in some countries and regions, whereas people in other countries are concerned about excessive eating, bad eating habits, and research on nutrigenetics and personalized and preventative nutrition.

Another great current debate involves innovation and opportunities in agriculture as the first link on the entire value chain. There is a need to talk about new production models, investments, innovation and the organization of the agricultural sector in a context of demographic growth and sustainability.

Finally, our annual Industry Meeting could not be held without understanding that consumers are immersed in a global process of urbanization and digitalization. Trends in consumption indicate that consumers are more informed and more digitized and pay greater attention to what they buy in terms of the product (natural, healthy ingredients) and the values they expect from distribution and industry (ethical business models, environmentally friendly practices and animal welfare).

The 23rd Food and Beverage Industry Meeting, organized by IESE Business School and Deloitte, will take place on June 6, 2019 on IESE Business School’s Barcelona campus. Relevant figures from the business world, experts, academics, policy makers and regulators from Spain and the international community will provide a coherent analysis of the topics shaping the agenda in the food and beverage industry.

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