State of Play and Future Scenarios

In the food and beverage industry, all companies are under permanent positive pressure, independently of their position on the value chain, due to the industry’s responsibility to society, which is not only seen from a customer-consumer perspective, but also from the issues that affect it, such as: how to feed a growing population based on nutrition and sustainability; how to define and transform world food systems; and how to promote innovation ecosystems with the opportunities offered by technological progress, Industry 4.0, smart data and intelligent and preventive nutrition.

In this context, food and beverage companies and industry leaders need to implement the right strategy to handle these challenges throughout the industry ecosystem. This strategy must operate at the speed of the digital era and be equipped with business models that respond to the expectations and demands of consumers, who are increasingly more informed, digitized, and aware of the close relationship between Food, Health and Well-being.

In short, society and people expect answers from this industry that help them improve their quality of life and their future. This is perhaps the industry’s greatest strength and driving force, and what gives it the initiative for constant innovation and research, as well as sustainable and responsible growth.

In the upcoming edition of the Food and Beverage Industry Meeting, organized with Deloitte, we will discuss the current ”state of play”, as well as future topics and scenarios. We will be joined by entrepreneurs, directors and academics, who will speak on Economics and Geopolitics, Innovation Ecosystems, the Future of Food, Consumer Habits and Expectations, Nutrition, Strategy and Business Models.

The Industry Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 and will be preceded by a forum for entrepreneurs and investors at FoodTech on Monday, May 28.

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