Banks have had to struggle with major challenges in the last ten years, mainly linked to the legacy of the financial crisis, but also due to decisive changes in the economic, technological, social and demographic context.

Banks have therefore been adjusting their operating models through strategies aimed at cleaning up their balance sheets, adapting to new regulatory frameworks, streamlining their lines of business, regaining profitability and embracing digital transformation. Additionally, equally demanding challenges for the banking industry appear on the immediate horizon, especially in the form of the revolution in technology, the rise of fintechs and major digital platforms, the culmination of the regulatory reform, and increased competition from capital markets.

This list can easily be expanded to include growing economic, financial and geopolitical factors, as well as the need to continue strengthening society’s trust.

All these factors seem to reflect the need to take a new approach to the very essence of the banking industry or at least to adopt significant changes in bank management.

To reflect on these issues, IESE-CIF is organizing the 14 Banking Industry Meeting in collaboration with EY. Regulators, academics, consultants and senior executives from the banking industry will have the opportunity to exchange views on a panorama that is as challenging as it is exciting.

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