Being healthy is a lot more than not being sick. Doctors, hospitals, patients, pharma companies, tech firms, medical device makers, academics, public policymakers, insurance companies and entrepreneurs are all working together to build a healthier society. With the world’s healthcare systems being transformed by resource depletion and an aging population, patients have become consumers with choices, there has been a shift from volume-based to value-based healthcare, and prevention is now on more equal footing with treatment. At the same time, digital transformation is also sweeping through the healthcare industry, where the disruptive innovations of new entrants are expected to upset the traditional marketplace. What kind of partnerships will allow for continued innovation? How do we build a new business model that drives the shift to value-based healthcare? How can we embrace strategies that keep pushing the envelope in healthcare technology? How will blockchain and artificial intelligence impact healthcare? In other words, what groundwork must be done today to continue building healthy societies?

The Industry Meeting offers top executives in healthcare firms, healthcare professionals, academics and field experts a distinguished platform to share their experience and insight on the industry’s current situation and its future, and to continue the search for innovative ways to respond to the enormous challenges faced by the healthcare industry.

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