Wednesday, February 19, 2020

16:00-16:30Welcome and registration
16:30-17:00Opening Session
• Prof. Juan Luis López Cardenete, Academic Director of the Meeting, IESE
• Felipe Requejo, Partner, Deloitte and coorganizer of the Meeting
17:10-18:10Technologies, Innovation and Business Model Transformation
• Belén Linares, Innovation Energy Director, Acciona
• Marcelino Oreja, CEO, Enagás
• Carlota Pi, Cofounder & Executive President, HolaLuz
Moderator: Alberto Amores, Partner, Monitor Deloitte
18:30-19:00Vision for an Effective Transition (I)
• José Bogas, CEO, Endesa
Moderator: Prof. Juan Luis López Cardenete, IESE
19:10-19:40Vision for an Effective Transition (II)
• Antonio Basolas, Global Head Strategy and Corporate Development, Naturgy
Moderator: Prof. Juan Luis López Cardenete, IESE
19:50-20:20Vision for an Effective Transition (III)
• Ángeles Santamaría, CEO, Iberdrola España
Moderator: Prof. Juan Luis López Cardenete, IESE

Thursday, February 20, 2020

08:30-09:00Welcome and registration
09:00-09:30Oil companies as essential agents in the decarbonization process
• María Victoria Zingoni, Executive Managing Director Commercial Business and Chemicals, Repsol
Moderator: Felipe Requejo, Partner, Deloitte
(Session in English)
Making Innovation happen in Storage and Off-Shore Technologies: Skeleton & Principle Power
• Felipe Drukaroff, CFO, Principle Power
• Egert Valmra, Programme Director
Moderator: Javier Sanz, Renewable Energies Thematic Leader, InnoEnergy
10:40-11:30Monitoring Innovation and Progress in Clean Energy
• Luis Cabra, Executive Managing Director of Technology Development, Resources and Sustainability, Repsol
• Luis Munuera, Sustainability, Technology and Foresight Directorate, IEA
Moderator: Felipe Requejo, Partner, Deloitte
11:30-12:15Coffee Break
12:15-13:30Resources, Investment and Incentives for Change
• Prof. Natalia Fabra, Professor, Universidad Carlos III
• Jorge Sanz, President, Group of Experts for the Transition to a low-carbon Economy
• Rosa Mª Sanz, Chairperson, Sedigas
• Marina Serrano, Chairwoman, AELEC
Moderator: Prof. Juan Luis López Cardenete, IESE
13:45-14:45Vision for an Effective Transition (IV)
• Luis Aires, President, BP Spain
• Philippe Boisseau, CEO, CEPSA
• Antonio Llardén, Executive Chair, Enagás
Moderator: Ana Sánchez Palacios, Partner, Deloitte
16:15-17:05Global Public Governance of Climate Change
• Riccardo Puliti, Global Director, Energy and Extractive Industries and Regional Director, Infrastructure, Africa, The World Bank Group
• Carlos Sallé, Director of Energy Policies and Climate Change, Iberdrola
Moderator: Valvanera Ulargui, Director General Spanish Climate Change Office, Ministry for Ecology Transition and Demographic Challenge
17:30-18:15European Geopolitics and the Questioning of the Rules-Based Liberal Order
• Ana Palacio, Former Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Visiting professor, Edmund E. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
Moderator: Prof. Juan Luis López Cardenete, IESE
18:15-19:05Vision for an Effective Transition (V)
• Ana Quelhas, Head of Energy Planning, EDP Renováveis
• Francisco Rodríguez López, General Director of Generation, Regulatory and Institutoinal Affairs, VIESGO
Moderator: Laureano Álvarez, Partner, Deloitte