Previous Editions

2019 · Dimensions for an Effective Energy Transition
2018 · Game changers in the Global Energy System
2017 · Energy Architecture in Transition
2016 · Human Well-being, Growth and Energy Access: New Governance for a Unique Challenge
2015 · The Future of Energy: Who Calls the Shots?
2014 · Quo Vadis, Europe? Shedding Light on an Energy Policy beyond the Electrical Sector Reform
2013 · A New Energy Policy as a Global Paradigm Shift Emerges
2011 · The Impact of the Energy Policy on the Sector’s Competitiveness
2009 · A Debate on the Spanish Energy Sector
2004 · Energy Liberalization and Consolidation in Europe
2002 · A Shift Towards the Convergence of Energy Markets
2000 · Mergers and Strategic Alliances: The Creation and Conquest of the Future