This could be a decisive year for the Spanish insurance industry.

First of all, the Insurance Distribution Directive will impact customer relations through an emphasis on protection and transparency.

Furthermore, new technologies will continue to affect how companies operate and interact with customers. These technologies may in fact generate new risks and therefore new insurance products.

The cybersecurity business is becoming increasingly important, especially in the financial, technology, healthcare and retail sectors.

Within the context of reorganizing and streamlining supervisory bodies in the institutional context, there has been talk of making the General Directorate of Insurance an independent administrative authority.

Finally, another point for discussion at the Industry Meeting will be longevity risk and how it can be handled in life and health insurance policies.

All these topics will be analyzed at the 8th Insurance Industry Meeting organized by IESE-CIF with the collaboration of EY.

The Meeting will offer a wealth of new information to those who work in the insurance industry, and also to companies, individuals and insurance customers who want to know more about the workings of these financial services providers.

Once again, the 2018 Industry Meeting will mark a turning point in the Spanish insurance industry.

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