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The Value Approach

IESE Business School will hold the 1 Asset Management Meeting on March 12, 2020. The main topic of this first edition will be the value approach, a methodology that’s easy to explain (buy shares in good companies when their price is considerably lower than their intrinsic value and sell them when the market price recovers), but hard to apply (uncertainty about when to buy and with what margin of safety, how to recognize value traps and knowing when to sell).

Panel discussions will address a number of subjects, including 1) how to implement an active management value approach by comparing the techniques of two well-known active managers; 2) how to implement a passive management value approach by comparing different computed indices and the ETFs that track them; 3) the role of artificial intelligence in the identification of temporarily undervalued stocks; and 4) how to educate investors so they have the discipline and patience required to apply the value approach.

We will also hear from sector professionals and their clients, as well as representatives from major investment firms. We are pleased to announce that the keynote speaker will be Columbia Business School professor Tano Santos, an academic authority on the value approach. IESE Business School professors Marc Badia, Javier Estrada, Luis Palencia, José Luis Suárez and Juan José Toribio will also participate.

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